New & Existing Business

IOWA Centers for Enterprise is proud to work with a growing, and diverse number of existing and new businesses. By working in concert with our family of programs we can help you gain an advantage in the competitive and challenging 21st century marketplace

We can offer:

Assistance in finding technical and business expertise within the University,

Guidance on identifying qualified professionals to add to your workforce,

Training and direction in entrepreneurship and emerging business practices,

Insights into intellectual property issues,

Access to world-class University resources such as our Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing, the Center for Advanced Drug DevelopmentDivision of Pharmaceutical Service, the National Advanced Driving Simulator, the Center for Computer Aided Design, and the Core Facilities.

Help navigating the University to find the partners that best fit your needs

A place for you to grow at the University of Iowa Research Park

Connections with local and statewide Industry Trade Organizations

Corporate Philanthropy